How To Enter The Practice Range In Valorant

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When you start up Valorant for the first time you are welcomed with a tutorial taking you through some the game’s basics.  This area is known as the practice range and can be entered at any time after finishing the tutorial.  To enter the lobby you must click ‘Practice range‘ in the top right corner of the main menu.


Click that and from this menu you have a selection of different choices:

Open Range

In open range you are free to roam around and use all the different practice modes available.

Shooting Test

Pretty obvious however this allows you shoot a selection of bots with any choice of weapon.  Each bot will appear and you have a limited amount of time to try to shoot them before dissapear.  Up to 30 bots will show at any one time, try to improve your score!

Spike Planting / Defuse

In spike planting and defusing you basically learn how to plant and defuse the spike which is the name of the bomb in Valorant.



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