What Is Econ Rating In Valorant And How To Improve It

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If you have sunk your teeth into Valorant yet you may have noticed the ‘Econ Rating’ on the scoreboard.  What does Econ Rating mean and how can you improve your Econ Rating?

Econ Rating – In Simple Terms

Econ rating is simply the amount of damage you deal per 1,000 credits spent.  For example if you spend 2500 credits in game and you deal 250 damage then your econ rating would be 100.  Currently the statistic doesn’t impact anything but it could do in the future.  It may be used in order to influence skill based match making to ensure you are being matched against people of a similar skill level to you.

How To Improve Your Econ Rating?

To improve your Econ rating in Valorant you need to make the most of your arsenal.  Whether it is pistol round or a full buy you need to be dealing damage to ensure your damage dealt per 1,000 credits is decent amount.  Play it safe and be conservative.  Aggressiveness without knowledge of opponents will get you killed.  Take it slow.

What Is A Good Econ Rating?

Anything around a 50 Econ rating would be considered average, any lower than this and you would be considered to be making pure use of your arsenal.  Between 60-70 and you have had a good match performing above average and finally anything above 70 and you are playing at the tippity top.

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